Local magazine Roman Road LDN

Roman Road LDN

Roman Road LDN is Social Streets’ flagship title. It is an inspiring and informative web and social media community that celebrates the people and places in the neighbourhood of Roman Road, East London in the UK.

Roman Road LDN serves a catchment area of 40,000 who live with its geographic boundary: Bow, Globe Town, Mile End and Fish Island. It launched in 2018 and by the summer of 2019 had reached 25,000 unique visitors per month.

The aim of Roman Road LDN, and Social Streets as a whole, is to increase participation in the local community. It achieves this by creating a ecosystem where the publication brings residents, businesses and community groups together on a shared online and platform.

By celebrating the lives of local people, sharing the stories of local businesses, unearthing the riches of local culture and heritage, and providing a platform for people to have their say, Roman Road LDN strengthens community ties and boosts the local economy.

It’s main content pillars are Roman Road Market, Sylvia Pankhurst’s East London Federation of Suffragettes and women’s emancipation, and the cockney culture of the East End.

Launched: February 2018

Branding: Melanie Crolla

Format: Online magazine and community

Frequency: Daily

Website: Romanroadlondon.com

Facebook: RomanRoadLDN

Twitter: RomanRoadLDN

Instagram: RomanRoadLDN

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