The launch of The Slice magazine for Tower Hamlets.

Launch of pioneering independent borough magazine

Social Streets C.I.C is to publish a new magazine called The Slice,  the first independent magazine dedicated to  Tower Hamlets. This bi-annual print publication, launching in November 2021, will deliver news and culture stories to the 340,000 residents of the borough. 

The title will be distributed borough-wide, incorporating Social Streets’ existing digital neighbourhood publications in Tower Hamlets, Roman Road LDN, Bethnal Green LDN, Whitechapel LDN and Poplar LDN

Social Streets C.I.C, a community interest company seeking to increase participation in the local community, has been growing digital titles and communities since 2018, using high-quality journalism to promote citizenship, community development, and the local economy. 

The editorial content is aimed to appeal to the wide range of ages, backgrounds, cultures, and interests in the borough, including the high proportion of ethnically diverse families.

In line with the social enterprises’ goal to boost local economic growth, the magazine also aims to reach young professionals aged between 25-40 who have disposable income to spend on leisure activities.

The content is centred around heritage, history and culture, setting it apart from other existing East London publications by featuring thoughtful and sensitive articles, telling the untold stories from within the Tower Hamlets community. 

The borough model allows the editorial content to address community stakeholders, policies and initiatives that unite all those living within the borough. This will better reflect the lived experiences that are unique to living in each borough, increasing the sense of identity and belonging.

Designed by Katie Wilde and Jessica Lockett, designer and art director respectively at Cosmopolitan magazine, the magazine has been crafted to be playful and accessible with prominent designs for pull quotes, boxed information and stand first. The front cover features impactful full-page photography, reflecting the magazine’s intention to inspire people about their neighbourhood.

Tabitha Stapely, Founder of Social Streets said:

“We believe local journalism can strengthen communities by informing, connecting and uniting people. Tower Hamlets, and East London more widely, has been subject to a huge change over a short space of time and this can create divides. One of the aims of journalisms is to bring the far away or distant nearer so that it impresses itself upon our sympathy and moral concerns. We believe it is important that we tell the stories of the communities within our neighbourhoods.  No other publications are doing this to the extent that we are. 

Over the past few years, we have been testing content and tirelessly growing a network of local people on all digital platforms. Now is the time we can confidently launch a print title that we know will be read from cover to cover.”

As an independent media title, The Slice has been fully funded through collaboration with a wide range of small, local and relevant advertisers, who have benefitted from the affordable marketing opportunity to reach a genuinely local audience. 

The Slice is a free-to-read magazine, with 10,000 copies distributed throughout 100 venues, cafes, and community hubs.

A full list of distributors can be found at

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