Our capabilities

Social Streets C.I.C. is a not-for-profit news and media company that believes in the power of the local community.  Through our growing network of neighbourhood publications, commitment to developing technology to improve local journalism, and method of collaboration and co-production, we are shaping the future of the local community.

Local magazines

We publish a growing network of neighbourhood and local magazines that provide high quality editorial content about local communities in print, digital and events.

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News & media consulting

We help independent publishers, editors, place makers and local news organisations succeed in their local news, media and community outreach initiatives.

Our news and media consultation services

Journalism courses

We provide training in community reporting and local journalism to emerging writers and citizen journalists.

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Contract publishing

.We create, publish and distribute local publications for people who want to build and strengthen a community around their neighbourhood. We are experts in developing the tone-of-voice, visual identity and content strategy needed to create a sense of belonging, identity and pride in a local area.

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Digital marketing training

We offer digital training, mentoring and access programmes to ensure the local community is able to benefit from the local digital ecosystem. This includes working with young people and those with low digital skills.

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Creative services

Using our in-house expertise, we provide digital creative services including web development, branding, copywriting and social media management to support local independent businesses.

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