Poplar LDN magazine, a multimedia website and community.

Poplar LDN

Launched in 2020, Poplar LDN is an online magazine and community that covers the areas of Poplar, Blackwall, Limehouse and the southern reaches of Bromley-by-Bow and Mile End in East London.

The aim of Poplar LDN, and Social Streets as a whole, is to increase participation in the local community. It achieves this by creating a empowering ecosystem where the publication works to unite residents, businesses and community groups.

Poplar LDN magazine centres on the local economy of Chrisp Street Market and Poplar high street. This forms its main content pillar and we publish features that celebrate long-standing businesses, up and coming entrepreneurs, local crafts, and reviews and guides on the best places to shop and eat out.

Poplar LDN’s other important content pillars include social housing and architecture, the impact of regeneration, and the cultural heritage of the docks and working class London, especially in relation to the BBC dramatisation of Call the Midwives, which is set in Poplar.

Launched: February 2020

Branding: Social Streets C.I.C

Format: Online magazine and community

Frequency: Daily

Website: Poplarlondon.co.uk

Instagram: PoplarLDN_

Twitter: PoplarLDN

Facebook: PoplarLDN

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