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  1. Jennifer Gray

    Good morning. Wondering if anyone has photos of Ernie and Barbara Harris, fruit / veg stall holders , for many years. 1970s sort of time , or anyone that knew them ? Maybe in old Watney Market archives ? Would be so happy if anyone could help. Im with their son ( Kevin Harris ) and its soon hes 60th so wanted to make a photo album from them days. They owned the fruit/ veg stall for many years . Him and hes brother Danny Harrris. had to play their part and work on them while not at school. Kevin remembers many of the other stall holders that were such a great community together. Thank you all, fingers crossed someone might remember them and have photos from that time . Ernie and Barbara Harris have. now both passed away so would be so special to see any old photos from Watney Market . Thank you once again .

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