Social Streets designs brand and identity for London’s Roman Road

Social Streets has designed a heritage-led logo and identity and for its first high street title Roman Road on behalf of Roman Road Trust.

Social Streets worked with Melanie Crolla from local design studio Born Design to create a timeless brand that captured the heritage of the area but was also suitable for contemporary,  digital use.

The clean, strong font – Ultra – is inspired by fonts from the twentieth century, when Roman Road was in its heyday.

The graphical clothes label in the ‘ribbon’ logo – used on the website and to head official documents – references the long history of fashion trade of Roman Road Market.

The ring of dots around the ‘stamp’ logo – used for merchandise and print ‘branding’ – references the pearly queens and kings of the East End.

The square ‘Ro.Rd.’ design – used for social media icons – is derivative of a makers mark, referencing Bow’s manufacturing past.

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