Fundraising Manager

Social Streets C.I.C

Social Streets C.I.C is looking for a Fundraising Manager to help us reach our aim of being funded by the local community.

Social Streets C.I.C is a not-for-profit local news and media outlet pioneering a model of community journalism that is financially viable in areas of low socio-economic wealth. We publish local magazines in print and online that celebrate the diversity of our communities and encourage people to participate more in the local community. We believe stronger networks within the local communities help people thrive. Our motto is Unite Not Divide.

The purpose of this role is to build the social enterprise’s capacity to raise funds and generate revenues from a range of stakeholders – our reader members, high net worth individuals, organisations, institutions and local businesses from the local community.

This is an opportunity to join a small but passionate social enterprise that is pioneering a model of sustainable community journalism that strengthens the local community. Our motto is to unite not divide.

This is a varied role including face to face time with various members of the community, from shop owners to directors of local charities, art and culture centres, social enterprises, schools and faith groups as well as writing and social media to promote the membership.

Everyone on the team is community-minded and wants to do something a bit more meaningful, whatever their role. The progression from this role would be to become our Business Manager, with a more strategic role in the growth of our social enterprise.

Job role and responsibilities

  • Develop organic campaign and marketing ideas to promote and grow our memberships, both individual and organisation
  • Identify the impact of our work, gathering data, stories and examples of where our work has made a difference
  • Identify high net worth individuals who may want to support our charitable objectives
  • Produce our quarterly member’s newsletter
  • Promote and manage membership engagement on our social media platforms
  • Promote media sales and services including advertising opportunities in The Slice
  • Raise awareness of Social Streets C.I.C within the social enterprise and media sectors
  • Apply to awards, grants and projects

Personal qualities and experience

This role would particularly suit those with the following qualities and experience:

  • An interest in social enterprise or passion to make a difference in society
  • A warm and outgoing personality – this is very much a people person’s job
  • Experience of sales or PR or marketing or lead generation or customer service

Make a difference in society

This is an opportunity to use your skills to achieve a positive social and economic impact on local community life.

Social Streets is a social enterprise that was set up to pioneer a model of community journalism that is sustainable even in disadvantaged areas. An essential part of this model is to develop revenue models that complement more traditional sales and advertising.

You will work alongside founder and director Tabitha Stapely. Stapely has extensive experience and networks in the world of magazine publishing, digital content strategy, social enterprise, and local authority. She was previously Digital Director at Elle magazine; is an alumna of Cambridge Social Ventures; is an RSA Fellow, and has been invited to be a Fellow of Social Innovation at Cambridge University.

What we can offer

When you join Social Streets C.I.C, you’re getting a lifestyle as well as a career.

We put the person first and work flexibly with individual needs. We tailor the job so that it offers personal and professional development opportunities as desired by each employee.

You’ll be part of a ready-made community. As soon as you start here, you’ll feel part of something that you didn’t think existed in London – a connected, well-intentioned, friendly community with a huge network of stakeholders working together on a shared vision.

As a team, we share values and we keep in touch with each other providing an extended Alum of past and present employees that meet regularly for drinks.

We can offer some remote working days.  We would require at least two days in the office though as the local community has low digital skills and access and therefore requires face-to-face meetings.

We have generous annual leave – six weeks including four weeks off in August giving people the break they need to spend with family or go travelling.

We offer PAYE and NEST pension.

We have an office dog.

Experience, salary and working arrangements

Office hours are 9 am to 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Will consider three, four or five day week.

We also take off all of August so this would suit people juggling family with work.

You should have two years of experience (unless you can persuade us otherwise!) but this can be in any customer-facing role, from retail and customer service to PR and comms.

Salary £25,000 to £30,000 pro-rata and depending on experience.

Application process

Email with your CV and a covering letter explaining why you would like to work for a social enterprise and any experience you have of membership organisations.

Deadline: Sunday 12th June 2022