Accountant for Social Streets C.I.C

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Social Streets C.I.C is looking for an accountant as it moves towards its next phase of growth.

Not-for-profit news and media organisation Social Streets C.I.C is looking for an accountant to help with its annual accounts.

Social Streets C.I.C has been operating for three years and is now at a point where it needs advice as the organisation approaches its next phase of growth.

As a community interest company Social Streets is reliant on grant funding so, ideally, we are looking for an accountant who may be able to work at charitable rates.

To help gain an understanding of how Social Streets operates, please view our Annual Accounts YE2019 here.


Social Streets C.I.C

Social Streets is a not-for-profit digital and media company that works on a wide range of projects that benefit the community. Primarily we are pioneering a model of local journalism for local communities in disadvantaged areas that may not otherwise have the wealth to support more conventional media outlets. We believe change can be achieved through people not parties, and our model of community journalism is made for the local community and by the local community.



If you think you may be able to  help us, please contact or 07932 111754.