The Slice Patrons: Become a patron of local journalism

Supporting The Slice with a Patronage means you are helping to safeguard our sustainability and free-to-access journalism, securing a stronger local democracy for Tower Hamlets.

The Slice Tower Hamlets is a pioneering constructive local journalism, funded by members. We are the only independent news outlet dedicated to Tower Hamlets.

Donations from members who pay on average £6 per month fund a third of our operating costs, helping secure our independence and free-to-access journalism.

The Slice Patrons, members who pay £1,000 a year, are key to securing our longer-term sustainability and ability to fund projects that will keep us competitive and relevant.

What impact will my Patronage have?

Creating a more equitable society in Tower Hamlets

Patrons are delivering a crucial civic role by supporting those who can’t pay. We provide vital journalism in one of the country’s poorest boroughs where the benefits of independent journalism are needed the most. Not only will Patrons be supporting The Slice by securing our future, you’ll also be supporting those on lower incomes to become members at rates they can afford, and ensuring The Slice remains free to access for those who can’t afford membership at all. This will ensure we have a diverse and equitable membership and readership where no one is excluded by their ability to pay.

Improving the quality of journalism

By supporting The Slice, Patrons are investing in the future of journalism. Our unique editorial floor offers paid, in-person internships and leadership programs, training young journalists in constructive journalism. This approach combats churnalism, sensationalism, and misinformation. Your patronage helps us continue this essential work, fostering a new generation of responsible and skilled journalists. Join us in making a positive impact on the media landscape.

Pioneering sustainable public interest journalism for the UK

Patrons can help secure the future of UK public interest journalism. The Slice is recognised in the UK as one of the leading pioneers of community journalism. Since 2018, we have been a leading voice in the independent news publishing sector, pioneering innovative business models, technology, journalism and training. Your patronage will help support our development work for Tower Hamlets and wider advocacy work.

What benefits do Patrons receive?

Network with other Patrons

Join us at our exclusive networking events, where you’ll connect with fellow Patrons dedicated to strengthening local democracy, restoring trust in media, and enhancing community representation. These gatherings offer a unique chance to forge valuable connections and build powerful alliances. Immerse yourself in the local area, drive meaningful change, and be a part of a movement committed to making a real impact. This is an opportunity to make a difference and become more deeply embedded in your community.

Attend cultural events as an Ambassador of The Slice

Our partners include the V&A, Sadler’s Wells, St Margaret’s House, Bromley-by-Bow Centre, Toynbee Hall, and Oxford House. As a Patron, you’ll receive invitations to these partner events as an Ambassador of The Slice fostering deeper connections and elevating our community’s visibility and opportunities. Join us and strengthen your ties within the local area, making a significant impact through collaboration and engagement with renowned institutions.

Be part of a national campaign

Stay informed and support our fight for fair legislation to protect local news from advertising monopolies and secure initiatives and grants. The Slice is a key advocate, participating in groups like PINF and IMA, lobbying the government, and speaking at national events. As a patron, you’ll get exclusive access to conferences, rallies, and talks with top editors. Engage as much or as little as you like, and help us champion the future of independent journalism.