Short Internship

One month SEO Internship with expenses

Learn the art of search engine optimisation (SEO), understand how to build a content strategy and develop valuable skills in online writing and social media during our one-month SEO internship at our flagship title Roman Road LDN magazine with £10 travel expenses per day.

Application deadline: These are rolling one-month placements so we accept applications all year round.

Apply to: Send your CV and cover letter to or use the form below, and tell us about yourself and your interest in what we do at Social Streets.

Learn the art of search engine optimisation (SEO) and online writing, valuable skills that will set you apart from other journalists.

Learn how to grow audiences by developing and delivering a targeted content strategy, and how to measure growth with data analytics.

Work as part of a close-knit, supportive team and receive one-to-one training and mentoring with plenty of bylines.

About the SEO Internship

This unpaid Internship (£10 expenses per day) is designed for creative and media students starting out in their writing careers who would like the opportunity to gain real-life experience in online writing, content strategy, social media and search engine optimisation.

You will work as part of our editorial team, focusing on creating evergreen articles with a focus on cultural heritage and lifestyle content. About a third of your time will be spent on research and data analytics, a third on online writing and social media posting, and a third on search engine optimisation.

As a social enterprise, we prioritise personal and professional development in the workplace, and the intern will benefit from our supportive office culture and one-on-one mentoring.

You will be assisting the Deputy Editor and learning about:

  • Analysing data on Moz and Google Analytics to identify potential features for our content strategy
  • Researching local history and cultural heritage
  • Writing lifestyle content for online
  • Sharing articles on social media, learning best practice for each platform
  • Processing and optimising images for the website using Photoshop (Adobe software)
  • Optimising content for the website using the Yoast software (metadata and onpage SEO)

Duration: One month

Pay: £10 per day

Days: four days per week

Times: 9am to 5.30pm

Location: Bow, East London


Is the Short Internship paid?

The Short Internship is technically unpaid but you will receive £10 per day to cover travel expenses. We only have the budget to pay for one paid internship (see our Long Internship) but we created this shorter internship to meet the demand from students looking to build up work experience.

Do you offer longer internships?

Longer internships of three-and-a-half months are also available to candidates who have completed journalism training either to BA, MA or NCJT level. The longer internships offer pay of £50 per day.

Do you offer academic placements for MAs and phd students?

We accept two-week academic placements completed as part of an accredited journalism course. These placements are not paid and offer no expenses. Costs are expected to be covered by the university degree course arrangements.

We welcome master’s students for longer placements too, whose courses require that they undertake specific projects, with structured outputs for assessment during their time working in the organisation. These projects are co-designed with the students where the focus is on the students area of interest primarily, but also on the needs of the organisation at the time.

What are you looking for?

When you apply your cover letter should demonstrate the following:

  • An interest in digital media and a mind for data
  • An passion for social enterprises and social justice
  • Excellent English writing skills with a good grasp of grammar and syntax

Are you office based?

Yes, there’s too much to learn in too short a time for this to work on a remote-basis. And our working week is only four days.

To apply or for further information either email or submit a message via our contact form: