Company Values and Code of Conduct

Social Streets CIC is a not-for-profit news and media organisation that publishes local news and culture magazines in London, United Kingdom, including Roman Road LDN, Bethnal Green LDN, Poplar LDN and Whitechapel LDN. Our ‘Company Values’ and ‘Code of Conduct’ policies apply to all our publications.

Company Values

  • Unite Not Divide: This is our company motto. We celebrate diversity while fostering solidarity.
  • Be the Best Version of Yourself: In recognition of the power and influence we hold within the local community, we hold ourselves as role models to the community. What we do, we do well. When wronged or challenged, we show by example how to respond as good citizens in the communities in which we live and work.
  • Show Kindness: It is more important to be kind than to be right and we must actively show kindness in words and actions not just think it.
  • Trusted Not First: It is more important to produce content according to our company values than to be the first to publish.
  • Ours Not Mine: We put our needs and our ego aside for the greater good and we bring everyone up with us.
  • Gatekeepers of Truth: We are the gatekeepers of truth.

Code of Conduct

  1. Team members shall conduct themselves in a manner that will not cause offence to other team members. Harassment, bullying, intimidation, or discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated and will be grounds for dismissal of individual members in accordance with their contract or Terms of Agreement.
  2. Team members must at all times uphold the company’s values at all times . A member may be suspended from the company for failure to observe this, or for any other conduct not in line with the aims of the company.
  3. In all matters relating to the company, team members shall comply with the Articles of Association and all company policies, including in particular the Equalities & Diversity Policy, the Health & Safety Policy, the Safeguarding Policy and the Financial Procedures.
  4. Team members must never personalise issues, and should be willing to recognise that everybody is entitled to express their point of view without unduly preventing progress of discussion.
  5. Team members must never use their position to seek preferential treatment for themselves, their family or relatives. Nor should they use their position to be treated more or less favourably when requesting services from local businesses or organisations. Team members are prohibited from requesting ‘freebies’ unless with the explicit approval of the Editor or Publisher.
  6. All gifts or freebies offered to in-house staff must be declared to the Editor or Publisher. Gifts with a value of over £50 should be politely returned or may be entered for the annual raffle of such items for charity. Products and services provided for review purposes should be returned unless permission is given in writing to retain said produce or service.
  7. Social Streets will not allow any payment, gift or other advantage to undermine accuracy, fairness or independence. Any attempts to induce favourable editorial treatment through the offer of gifts or favours should be reported to the Editor. Where relevant, payments, gifts or other advantages will be disclosed in editorial.
  8. Theft, deceit and the withholding of information is not tolerated by the company and such behaviour provides grounds for dismissal.
  9. The Directors have the right to warn team member(s) of their behaviour. If they persist their membership may be terminated in accordance with their contract or Term of Understanding.
  10. Team members must not divulge any company business that is treated as confidential to other persons or organisations.