Digital Camp

Digital Camp

Our Digital Camp (operating under the brand of POW Digital Camp) is designed for town centre managers who want to improve the digital visibility of their high street and provide digital and business training to local businesses over a set period of time, usually three to six months.

The Digital Camp will help town centre managers understand the current digital landscape of their place; provide a digital strategy to increase the digital performance of their place, and deliver digital high streets skills training to local businesses, including practical hands-on help to optimise and open new social media channels.

The Digital Camp starts with a high street audit that analyses the digital landscape of your place and allows us to provide you with a digital strategy to increase the digital performance of your high street or town centre.

We also conduct face-to-face consultations with local businesses on the high street to establish their digital needs. This helps us design the most effective training programme for you.

A popular feature of our digital camp is the Social Media MOT that we offer local businesses. With the help of local digital mentors that we recruit, we visit the local businesses and provide hands-on one-to-one Social Media MOTs to help local businesses optimise their existing social platforms and open new ones.

The camp also delivers a series of masterclasses that deliver workshops and training that has been designed specifically for high street and retail businesses. We offer different levels of workshops to cater for beginner and intermediate users. The workshops are delivered at a time and location to suit them to guarantee highest possible participation and impact.

Digital Camp can also provide pre-agreed integrated services such as creating as Google+ entries and websites for businesses.