Partnership Manager

Partnership Manager

Social Streets C.I.C is looking for a Partnership Manager to help grow its business

Social Streets is looking for a Partnership Manager to help develop and grow revenues for Roman Road LDN. You will be helping to build relationships with local stakeholders, both local organisations and our patrons, in order to develop, promote and manage schemes that will generate revenues.

This is an opportunity to take a key role in a small but highly committed social enterprise that is pioneering a model of community journalism to strengthen local community.

While the long term aim is to increase revenues, this role is very different to a normal sales or business growth job. As a social enterprise we are committed to creating a model for local journalism that places collaboration at the heart of everything we do, and this includes the manner in which we achieve financial sustainability ensuring it is done for the benefit, rather than at the expense, of the local community.

Much of this role will involve face to face time with various members of the community, from visiting shop owners on the high street to organising regular meetings with key community stakeholders including directors of local charities, art and culture centres, social enterprises, schools and faith groups. The aim is to understand the needs of these organisations in order to better develop packages that will suit their needs. This could range from a agreeing small Facebook campaign to a joint funding application.


Job role and responsibilities

Patron Scheme 

  • Develop ideas and campaigns to support and grow the monthly donations we receive from our patrons
  • Manage our monthly patron newsletter including interviews with patrons
  • Organise patron incentives such as exclusive discounts, patron events, merchandise
  • Manage social media promotion of the patron scheme

Partner Content

  • Develop our Partner Content package to help local businesses and organisations reach our readers on the website
  • Build relationships with key community stakeholders such as local arts, culture, education and charitable groups
  • Devise creative idea for potential co-produced projects, such as community engagement, arts or heritage projects

Community Classifieds

Paid campaigns

  • Promote opportunities for local organise to advertise on our social media platforms
  • Set up and manage paid social media campaigns, mostly Facebook
  • Create reports on each Paid Campaign


  • Promote sales of the Roman Road LDN tote bag
  • Develop ideas for expanding our range of merchandise

Brand awareness

  • Raising the awareness of Social Streets C.I.C within the social enterprise and media sectors
  • Applying to awards and helping compile blogs for the website and Linkedin


Personal qualities and experience

This role would particular suit those with the following qualities and experience:

  • Passion to make a difference in society
  • A personal interest in social enterprises
  • A left field thinker with knowledge of industry innvation
  • A warm and outgoing personality - this is very much a people person's job
  • Experience of sales, marketing, social media, re-branding or public relations
  • Experience in paid social media particularly on Facebook


Make a difference

This is an opportunity to use your skills to achieve positive social and economic impact on local community life.

Social Streets is a social enterprise that was set up to pioneer a model of community journalism that is sustainable even in disadvantaged areas. An essential part of this model is to develop revenue models that are sustainable in poorer areas, replacing conventional adverstising models with something altogether more innovative. This requires some left field thinking and a lot of collaboration with our partners.

You will work alongside founder and director Tabitha Stapely. Stapely has extensive experience and networks in the world of magazine publishing, digital content strategy, social enterprise, and local authority. She was previously Digital Director at Elle magazine; is an alumna of Cambridge Social Ventures; is an RSA Fellow, and has been invited to be a Fellow of Social Innovation at Cambridge University.


Experience, salary and working arrangements

This is a full-time role, however we work a four-day week, 9am to 6pm, Tuesday to Friday.

Salary in the region of £20,000 pro rata plus commission.

This is a rolling contract working in a freelance capacity.


Application process

Email with your CV and a covering letter explaining why you would like to work for a social enterprise.