Digital Content Marketing Manager

Digital Content Marketing Manager

For a world renown philosopher and teacher

Social Streets C.I.C is looking for a Digital Marketing Assistant to work on a well-known public figure in the spiritual wellbeing sector.

You will be working for an international client that creates a high-volume of video content on their website. Your role will be to help manage the delivery the digital marketing strategy ensuring all the website and its content is highly optimised and managing the dissemination of content on social media platforms. Your targets will be to raise awareness of the client as a public figure, to promote his teachings, and to increase bookings in client events.

You will have at least two or three years experience as a social media manager, and you will have experience and a clear understanding of website content management, content strategy, SEO, search console and Google analytics.

The client is one of the world's foremost teachers and philosophers on the subject of consciousness and the nature of reality, the basis of which informs all experience and is not ascribed to any one religion or culture in particular. His webinars, events, books and teachings already reach hundreds of thousands of people internationally.

This very rare opportunity to use your digital skills to work with one of the world's most respected spiritual philosophers and teachers alive today, and to help bring greater understanding of consciousness and meaning to people across the world. You will get the opportunity to attend client events, seminars and webinars.

You will be reporting to the Digital Director Tabitha Stapely and will benefit from her extensive experience in digital content strategy and SEO.


Job role and responsibilities

Digital marketing


  • Tracking conversion rates and suggesting improvements to the website
  • Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns
  • Utilising a range of techniques including paid search, SEO and PPC
  • Managing online brand and product campaigns to raise brand awareness
  • Evaluating customer research, market conditions and competitor data on Search Console and Google Analytic
  • Review new technologies and keep the company at the forefront of developments in digital marketing.
  • Coordinate the management and processing of content with global, remote team
  • Align organic search and analytics with social media activity

Social media

  • Manage all social media channels
  • Build an engaged, loyal follower base
  • Use digital media editing software to create highly engaging social content
  • Be a guardian of the brand, ensuring all published content adheres to brand values and tone of voice
  • Develop and deliver an overarching content plan for all social media channels
  • Manage the community, responding where necessary within the brand tone of voice and guidelines
  • Plan paid advertising campaigns including the use of Facebook pixels to track performance
  • Monitor and report on performance of all social media platforms using tools such as Google Analytics and platforms own analytics


Personal qualities and experience

This role would particular suit those with the following qualities and experience:

  • Passion to help people that do good, to do better
  • Demonstrate a personal interest in one or more of the following: spiritual wellbeing, philosophy, alternative therapies
  • Interest in the intersection between global growth and ethical digital marketing
  • 3 years of digital & social media marketing experience
  • Clear and confident thinking about CTAs, CTRs, SEO and SEM
  • Experience in paid social media particularly on Facebook
  • Experience in audio and video content
  • Experience in graphic design or digital media editing, and creating and editing content, especially video, for social media.
  • Desire to gain deeper understanding of SEO, content strategy and digital marketing


Social Streets C.I.C

Social Streets is a not-for-profit digital and media company that works on a wide range of projects that benefit the community.


Experience, salary and working arrangements

This is a part-time role, estimated at three days per week, 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday, with the potential to increase.

Salary in the region of £30-000 to £35,000 pro rata depending on experience.

This is a one-year contract working in a freelance capacity.  You will be expected to attend weekly half day meeting at our offices in East London. A desk can be made available at our offices if this helps.


Application process

Email before Sunday 23rd June 2019 with:

  • Your CV
  • A covering letter explaining why the opportunity to work in the sector of spiritual wellbeing is important to you.