Membership Ambassador

Social Streets C.I.C

If you care about diversity and representation and are interested in the media and creative industries, this job is for you! At Social Streets, we publish neighbourhood magazines that help people share their stories and news whatever their background or abilities. Our members can publish content directly onto our online newspapers giving them a voice in the media.

We are looking for a part-time Brand Ambassador starting mid-February on a six-month contract to help us raise awareness of our magazine membership scheme.

This is a ‘soft sales’ job. You don’t have to do hard selling but the skills you learn here will prepare you for a job in communications, sales or marketing especially in the media and creative industries.

You will be working alongside our Partners Manager, Emily Cramer. Emily is responsible for signing up local businesses, charities and community organisations to be members of our four new digital neighbourhood magazines. She’ll be your manager and mentor. You will be helping her with:

– Responding to emails from potential new members and providing them with the information they need about becoming a member
– Visiting local shops and businesses who have already expressed an interest in becoming a member and helping them create their account
– Attending local events and meetings to promote the membership
– Creating posts on social media to promote the membership
– Managing relationships with members including helping new members with any technical problems they have using their online account
– Keeping a record of all conversations on our database (Hubspot)


What are we looking for?

Are you a smiley chatterbox? Tell a good story? Make friends easily? The job is yours! The Brand Ambassador role will suit young people who enjoy making new friends and telling a good story. Your job will be to talk to people about our membership scheme. We’ll be teaching you a lot but you will need to have the following qualities:

Willing to learn: probably the number one quality we’re looking for!
Kind and polite: one of our company values is ‘Show Kindness’
Endlessly patient: useful for helping members with tech problems
Chatty but good at listening too: it’s all about understanding what people need
Organised: you will be dealing with lots of people and a lot of the job is keeping track of all their conversations and enquiries so that we don’t drop the ball on any of them.

Any customer-facing experience would be useful, such as working in a shop or cafe. So tell us about this.


Why work for us

📖 Social Streets is very small with a team of just five or six people. This means you will get a lot of one-to-one support as well as plenty of insight into running a business.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 We offer a safe and forward-thinking working environment. We’re an all-female team of young people all under the age of 30, except for the boss who is ancient.

🍔 We are located on vibrant Roman Road in Bow, just five minutes walk from Victoria Park, with hundreds of shops and cafes on the doorstep, as well as the world-famous Roman Road Market. Our favourite place for cheap eats is Patty Heaven next door. The best patties!

🚌 It’s easy to get here. Several buses (8, 27 and 339) stop on Roman Road and the nearest tube station is 15 minutes walk away – either Mile End or Bow Road.

🐕 We have an office pet – a tiny sausage dog called Rita who loves apples. But if you don’t like dogs, don’t worry. She is a lazy dog who sleeps in her basket all day long.


The training and opportunities we can offer

We’re small and caring. If you give us 110% we’ll give you 110%. We’re also well known and well respected in the local area so you’ll get a good reception from our networks and have the opportunity to create many useful contacts.

• Time management – we’ll teach you how to structure your day and week and how to prioritise tasks
• Reporting – we’ll teach you best practices about de-briefing the rest of the team and writing up a summary of what you’ve done every day
• Teamwork – we’ll give you experience at building your confidence in meetings and how to express an opinion and develop ideas
• Communication – we’ll show you how to polish up your communication skills so you can be persuasive and polite
• Technical skills – You’ll learn how to use software that many businesses use, including Google Drive and Hubspot
• Social media – We’ll teach you how to create social media posts that get shared.


Pay and working arrangements

This is an office-based role and you will be working from the Social Streets office above Abbotts Interiors on Roman Road.

The job is 25 hours per week. It is preferable that the candidate works eight hours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 9am to 6pm with an hour for lunch. However we can be flexible for people who have other commitments. Just ask us.

You will be paid the Minimum Wage. An individual must be school-leaving age to get the National Minimum Wage. It currently stands at

− £4.62 per hour for under-18s
− £6.56 per hour for those aged between 18 to 20
− £8.36 for anyone who is aged between 21 and 22
− £8.91 if you are 23 or over (this is the National Living Wage)


How to apply

The job is offered as part of the Kickstart scheme and applicants must be aged 16-24, claiming Universal Credit and referred to us by the JobCentre.

Send an email to with your CV and a cover letter that explains why you would be a good fit for this job. Tell us how you are chatterbox and give us examples of how you have made new friends easily. Tell us about your interest in media what kind of media do you like? Tell us how are you creative?

Deadline – first round is 21 January 2022, and final decision by 10th February 2022.