Social Streets Studio

Social Streets Studio

The Studio is a space for creating, learning and sharing.  This is where you will find our editorial team creating content for our local place titles; our research department that looks into new solutions to the challenges facing high streets and local communities; our training base from where our mentors operate, and a venue for networking and educational events that connect the local community with local digital expertise.

The editorial floor creating content for our titles

Our editorial team is a collective of brilliant local digital professionals united in their desire for social action. They receive free work space in exchange for contributing one day per week to the community.

It is a simple exchange model that supports local talent as well as the local community. The high street and local community benefit from the promotion of their high street; and our collective of professionals receive valuable experience of a full-scale editorial floor, join a supportive community of like-minded people, including access to our jobs board.

The research department working on measuring impact and digital innovations

Social Streets's mission is to make local communities more sustainable and more attractive places to live, shop and work. Our research department is where post graduate, Master and Phd students work with us on research programmes to find solutions to the challenges that face local economies and communities.

Training facilities for our mentors and adult education sessions

The Studio offers training facilities from where we train our digital mentors and offer them space from where to mentor either face-to-face or by Skype.

Social Streets Studio and social impact

Social Streets Studio offers a new way of working collaboratively that brings opportunity and benefit for the entire community. It embeds community service into primary employment and education.  

Our One Day membership offer free co-working space to local creative and media professionals and, in exchange, members contribute the equivalent of one day per week of their talent and expertise to our live projects.

The Studio offers a formal programme of Academic Placements, Internships and Research Residencies, attracting brilliant young brains who work alongside us to contribute content and innovation to our live projects.

Our training arm means we can offer educational sessions to school children, recent graduates and adults who will all be contributing content towards our live projects.

This learning-based workplace helps generate affordable content for communities, high streets and town centres, helping make place promotion something that every place can afford.

Involving multiple groups of local people who have a sense of ownership in the place titles increases the reach and amplification of our projects.

Social and economic impact of Social Street's co-production model

Illustration showing social impact model for Social Streets