Social scheme

Social Scheme

Our Social Scheme is designed for high streets and town centres that do not have funding available to commission a digital high street scheme themselves. Typically, this is often a high street that lacks the community capacity and/or economic wealth to be able to organise and fund a Business Improvement Districts (BID). Social Street's Social Scheme raises funding and resources on behalf of these high streets, allowing us to deliver the benefits of a digital high street scheme to the high streets that most need our support.

(If you are a place maker who would like to commission Social Streets directly please see our Private Scheme).


Providing affordable digital high street programmes

The Social Scheme offers all the services that are available in the Private Scheme: digital assets, digital communication infrastructure, digital branding, digital content, digital marketing, high street apps, high street websites, high street social media, digital mentoring, digital training and digital work opportunities for the local community.

Thanks to the contribution of our learning partners to the Social Scheme, our digital high street programme is affordable and offers greater potential for creative project-based work and digital innovation.


Based on a co-production model

Our Social Scheme is based on the principle of co-production. Drawing on our experience of working closely with local authorities and education institutions, we act as a catalyst to bring about a multi-partner agreement enabling parties to work together for the benefit of the whole community.


  1. Space providers

  2. We partner with schools and universities to create our Campus. In return for space and resources Social Streets offers opportunity for local students to gain work and research experience, employability skills and job opportunities, and to give back to the community. Read more about our learning-based workplace model here.

  3. Place makers
  4. Wee work with local authorities, education charities, housing associations and regeneration companies to secure funding. We handle the fund raising, project management, reporting and impact management of the project.

  5. Community input
  6. Social Streets invites key community partners to join the high street title as Consultant Editor, enabling them to contribute to the strategy, and to ensure the title is representative of the community and works towards agreed needs. Consultant Editors are encouraged to meet regularly with our team to discuss joint aims and how these can be achieved in collaboration with Social Street's place titles.


Giving long term security for high streets

To reassure our funding partners that the benefit of their investment will be retained for social good in the long term, Social Streets holds the digital infrastructure and intellectual property of the high street or town centre brand, and retains it for perpetuity on behalf of the poor communities with whom we are working. This ensures that the community benefits from the long-term support that is needed to build active communities, attract inward investment and increase footfall. Holding the assets also allows Social Streets to leverage assets in an efficient way to draw in the practical benefits that we know the digital high street work enables.

As an asset-locked social venture, communities are assured that Social Streets will only develop place brands for the benefit of the community and not for profit.

Unlike our Private Scheme that can operate remotely, our Social Scheme relies on accessing the talent within the local community. Therefore our Social Scheme can operate only from a local Studio.


Benefits for your high street

Essentially, we build a large and active following in your community, and you benefit by being able to embed your goals into our content strategy and to communicate your activities to a much larger audience.

  • - We help community groups in disadvantaged areas to secure funding so you don't have to
  • - We bring skills and connections from the world's most successful publishing companies
  • - Stakeholders can influence the content of the high street title by becoming Consultant Editor
  • - We recruit creative and media people from the local community, increasing local jobs and opportunities*
  • - Local young people gain employability skills in creative and digital sectors*
  • - Your community is digitally empowered with a lasting legacy of skills
  • - Your place grows a large and active following of fans
  • - Your messages, schemes and events promoted to much larger audience
  • - Community participation increases, both offline and online
  • - Your community development goals achieved more efficiently