Consultation with businesses

Understanding the digital profile of each business in a high street or town centre gives us insights into the current state of traders' digital marketing ability plus factors that affect the ability of individual businesses to make the most of available digital marketing and training opportunities. We assess their access to the Internet, their online presence; their current digital skills; other barriers to entry and appetite for digital marketing.

The purpose of the digital consultation is:

  • - To assess each traders access to the Internet
  • - To assess each traders digital presence
  • - To identify barriers to entry, perceived and actual
  • - To identify appetite and needs for digital marketing
  • - To design a high street digital programme to suit demand

As part of our Digital Camp

When the digital consultation with businesses is conducted as part of our Digital Camp, we also look at the following:

  • - To inform every local business about the training opportunity;
  • - To identify and contact all digital companies and offer them the opportunity to mentor a local business;
  • - To identify and contact key community organisations and invite them to promote the mentoring programme;
  • - To build trust with local businesses
  • - To explain the value of digital marketing
  • - To encourage local businesses and traders to take part

Working with marginalised communities

Social Streets has worked in the some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK, working with local authorities and community organisations to develop a place brand that will create a unique sense of identity, digital content strategy to help increase participation in local communities, and digital training to help local people make the most of the digital infrastructure.

We have years of expertise working with marginalised and digitally invisible communities, as well as with more digitally advanced places.