Research Programme

Research programme

Welcome to our Residency Programme at Social Streets Studio in Bow from where we manage our Social Scheme for High Streets, Tower Hamlets.

Social Streets goal to create digital solutions to support high streets and local economies offers a unique opportunity for researchers. The Residency Programme is designed to support Masters and PHD independent researchers who wish to develop their ideas within the context of Social Streets initiative, and whose research interests match those of the Social Streets.  

Number of residencies available

2 residencies will be available at any one time.  

Residency start dates

The 2017/18 start dates are:

January 2018- closing date for applications 30 November 2017

September 2018 - closing date for applications 30 April 2018  

What the Residency provides for researchers

Social Streets Studio will support Residents with regular tutoring and mentoring that will be additional to the supervision you will receive through your university.

The cohort of Residencies will create a peer-to-peer mentoring group that will help develop, connect and enrich each other’s work and meet monthly with facilitation from the research and programmes teams.  

Selection process for Residencies

All Residency candidates must be registered for their MA or PHD degree with a university at the time of application and need to confirm that they have sufficient funds to complete their studies for the duration of their research. It is expected that some research will be conducted on site in the borough, while other aspects might be desk research or writing.

Your applications will need to include an outline of the research you would like to conduct, your research questions and proposed research methodologies. It will also need to include reasons why you would like to conduct this research with Social Streets.

You will be invited for interview based on the applications. Decisions regarding interviews will be based on your research outline in the context of other potential residency applications. The Research Director will be looking for a diverse combination of:  

  • Research questions - These will be assessed for their fit with areas of research interest outlined above and/or for their originality. Please note that proposed research that falls outside of the areas of interest will also be considered.- 
  • Undergraduate disciplines.
  •  Proposed research methodologies.
  • Previous work or research.
  • Understanding and interest levels in the Social Streets initiative.
Areas of particular research interest
Technology and local economy
  • How technology can improve community life especially in the area of transparency, democracy and representation
  • Culture, narratives and identity in the context of citizenship and civic participation
  • Digital networks and their impact on real life participation in the local economy
  • Mapping, visualising and measuring new social networks
Social schemes and local economy
  • Integrating community service into primary employment and its effect on local economies and career progression
  • Co-production with local government and its impact on local economy and community development
  • Intergenerational projects and their impact on development of agency, creativity and pathways to work or self-employment
  • Peer-to-peer learning: impacts on life improvements, household economic sustainability, transitions and ageing
  • Stories of individuals interacting with Social Streets