Looking for a friendly, calm and supportive place to work?

Collaboration, creativity and local community is at the core of our membership options.

Our Co-Lab space offers membership options that support local freelancers, community groups and emerging talent.

Need to hire a meeting room for community meetings, workshops or training sessions? See our meeting room options.

Coworker Desk

Hot desk and locker for part-time
Fixed desk for full-time
Bring your own laptop
3 month contract,
then rolling 1 month

£86/mth 2 weekdays
£130/mth 3 weekdays
£173/mth 4 weekdays
£215/mth 5 weekdays


Our coworker desks support freelancers and social or charitable enterprises, particularly those who live locally or whose project benefits the local community.

Members receive a fixed desk space on a fixed day; access to our resources, connections, network, and opportunities for collaboration with members. You may choose to work  two, three, four or five agreed days a week.  As we like to build long term relationships with members, the minimum term is three months after which the contract renews on a one month rolling basis.

We don't want you to miss the opportunity to use our space  if you can't afford the full amount of our membership rates. Members can support us in other ways by participating in the running of the space, contributing to our Wish List, running events or sharing their skills. If you're in this position we'd love to chat to you more.

Community Desk

Hot desk and locker
Bring your laptop.
1 month contract, then rolling 1 month

£70/mth for 2 weekdays
£104/mth for 3 weekdays

Add £30 to hire space
one evening meeting per month


Our community desks support local charitable, community or grassroots organisation with short funding cycles and multiple project managers.

Members receive a fixed desk for short term use and community members may share their fixed desk with other named members of their community group.

Coproducer Desk

Dedicated desk.
Bring your own laptop
3 month contract, then rolling 3 months

£108/m 5 weekdays


Our Coproducer desks support those who are establishing themselves as media professionals, particularly those who live in the local community. These desks would suit those who would normally be able to afford a coworking desk and would benefit from opportunities to collaborate on editorial projects eg writers, photographers, film and documentary makers, graphic designers and web developers.

Coproducer members receive a fixed desk space at discounted price in exchange for collaborating on Social Streets editorial projects one day per week or pro rata. Coproducers are integral members of the Social Streets team and are encouraged to take the lead on a project or content stream and therefore must be able to commit for increments of three months.

Drop-in Desk

Floating desk.
Bring your laptop.
Ring before you arrive to check availability.
Pay cash on the day.

£20 per day, or £10 for half  a day

Need an extra day? You don't have to be a current member but if we know you and can help find you a space, we will.

How to apply

Interested in joining us?

Co-Lab is run as a collective and won't suit everyone. Please read our office agreement and application process before applying.

You don't have to be a member to collaborate with us. Co-Lab is a space that supports local people sharing their assets. We work in partnership with people from across the community on our arts, cultural and heritage projects. We believe that all people have assets and gifts that they may want to share with the wider community  - and if they do, we ask them to share them with us as citizen contributor.

Do you have a story to tell? Do you tell your story in a special way? Please get in touch to suggest how we can work together.