Meeting room

Meeting room

Looking for a fun, relaxed and creative place to have a meeting?

The Co-Lab working space is designed to be flexible and reconfigurable allowing it to be used for a variety of activities including  community meetings, workshops and training sessions.

The meeting space is available on weekday evening from 6pm and 9pm and Saturdays from 9am to 9pm.

There is seating for up to 30 people.
Projector and screen available.
Please make use of our kitchen area, but leave everything as you found it.

Groups may BYOB or collect donations for food/drinks, but alcoholic beverages are not to be sold commercially. 

Community rates

Community rates are available to local community groups or groups working on local projects who book the room for regular slots.

£30 per month for one evening per month

£65 per month for one evening every other week

£120 per month for one evening per week

Commercial rates

The space is available for private hire. Rates will depend on a variety of factors. Please contact us to discuss further.


We keep the space free one evening a week for ad hoc use by local community groups. Ad hoc users or groups who can’t afford any membership fee would be invited to offer one-off donations (£5 per hour is suggested), barter their skills or resources for use of the space, including cooking lunches, event organisation, maintenance, skill-sharing or donations to the Press Room wish list.