How to apply

How to apply

Following the initial enquiry, we will try to get back to applicants within the week.

We speak to new members before they join to explain how our community values and to understand a bit more of who they are. At this stage we would give an indication as to whether we have availability for the applicant based on the number and type of memberships requested, as well as consideration of our eligibility guidelines.

Shared values

Our members value community and an initial conversation with applicants will explore our shared values.

  • It's important to us that applicantsĀ  understand our concept of community so that, together, we can cultivate a collaborative, creative environment where people can work together harmoniously, share ideas freely, and learn from each other.
  • Members understand that the way we keep memberships affordable is because we run an at-cost model. We don't have cleaners or receptionists, which is why members get stuck in to keep the place clean and functional.
  • Members like to treat the space like home, and a roster means all members share in the running of the space, making time each week to clean, run errands, and operate the space for evening meetings.
  • When bringing new members into the community, we will consult existing members to check if the proposed new members might cause unintentional conflict or a negative impact on the working environment. We have a duty of care to support existing members of the community before accepting new applicants.
  • It's important to us that applicants fit into the rhythms of the space - this means we would not expect new members to have a destructive impact on these rhythms.
  • We look to support freelancers, community groups and social enterprises, particularly those from our local area. Typically community groups applying have less than five members.
  • We also want to support creative industries, as creatives tend to be the first people impacted from high costs of living in an expensive city.
  • Our local area is loosely considered to be to north eastern corner of Tower Hamlets, or half an hour's walking distance.
  • It's because we want to foster an inclusive working environment that we would prefer not to have applicants in industries that support gambling, pornography or weaponry, or any other industry that might have a detrimental impact to more vulnerable members of the community or local area.
Tour and trial day

Once availability, shared values and eligibility have been discussed, we show applicants around the space allowing a face-to-face chat over a coffee or tea to explain the house rules, go through the office agreement and answer any questions that they might have.

Applicants are encouraged to have a trial day at Social Streets Co-Lab to see if it is the right fit for them. All being well, we would chat about the practicalities with moving in, including move-in date and signing our office agreement.


We monitor the community on an on-gong basis. We're not trying to be big brother, but rather want to ensure our arrangement continues to work for all parties, including other members of the community. As a collective, all members have a say in the management of the space, including member issues.