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High street digital audit

Digital high street audit

We undertake a digital audit of the high street  to understand the online presence as a place, assessing both its value proposition and the ability of the local digital ecosystem to disseminate and amplify digital information. This gives us the knowledge we need to create a digital strategy that will guarantee results. The audit will:

  • Assess the value proposition of the high street and establish its unique selling points
  • Perform an audit of online content to assess how much of the place value proposition is visible online
  • Perform an audit to show how many individual businesses and traders are visible online
  • Examine the state of the communication infrastructure that facilitates and amplifies online engagement
  • Create a brief for a social media campaign
  • Create a digital strategy and roadmap

Value proposition

Knowing the value proposition, or narrative of place, can help pull together disparate traders, build a consistent digital marketing strategy, and attract inward investment. Is there a clear high street identity that local businesses can leverage in their digital marketing? What is its USP? What will help attract visitors? What is the high street’s story? What is the high street’s value proposition for shoppers?

We examine the offering, including the leisure & evening economy, heritage & culture, arts & creative, large employers, attractions and surrounding neighbourhoods.

Digital ecosystem

Is there a wider digital ecosystem that local businesses can tap into to amplify their digital marketing activity? Who are the main players on the digital scene? Where can the local residents be found online? Who can businesses engage with online to amplify their voice?

To assess the state of the high street’s digital ecosystem, our researchers perform a SERPs report (search engine result pages) to assess the performance of common high street search terms in the area; individual businesses, and relevant high street content. They also perform a report of local social media groups, content sites, and assess the connectivity of the high street and the connectivity of individual businesses.