Digital Editor Leadership Programme

Fast-track your career in journalism with this 15-month intensive programme at Roman Road LDN magazine. Start as an intern, progress to Editorial Assistant and leave as Deputy Editor.


Start date: The first working day in September
Application deadline: 30th June
Apply to: Email or use the contact form below, and tell us about yourself and your interest in what we do at Social Streets.



Deepen your skills in long-form writing including interviews, opinion, reviews and long-form research features.

Gain experience in commissioning and editing articles and managing inhouse team members and citizen journalists.

Learn about onpage seo, website optimisation, data analytics and developing a strategy to grow audiences.

About the programme

This 15-month programme is designed for people at the beginning of their journalism career who are interested in attaining senior journalism jobs such as Editor.

Months 1-3 The programme starts as a three-month internship that acts as a handover from the previous alumna and an opportunity to familiarise yourself with the area and in Social Streets’ systems and workflow.

Months 4-10 Following a successful review, you will be promoted to Editorial Assistant where you will work closely with Editor-in-Chief Tabitha Stapely on more advanced journalism skills and training including commissioning, editing, SEO, content strategy and reporting.

Month 11 – August break. Offices close for four weeks.

Months 12-15 – On return from our summer break you will be promoted to Deputy Editor. During the last three months you will be responsible for training the next incumbent, providing hands-on experience of managing and nurturing the talents of the new recruit.

Duration: Fifteen months

Pay Structure: The three-month internship is paid at £50 per day. During the following 12 months, you will move onto a PAYE salary and receive the equivalent of £21,500 per annum.

Days: Five days per week. Mondays are worked remotely and an opportunity to review learning.

Times: 9am to 5.30pm

Location: Bow, London


Do you offer other training opportunities?

Yes, we have a fully educational editorial floor including two to four-week work placements, three-month internships and several schemes including 12-month Writer in Residence and the six-month part-time Digital Editor Trainee Scheme.

What are you looking for?

When you apply it would be helpful if you could demonstrate the following:

  • A passion for telling stories
  • A proven ability to write
  • A determination to seek out stories that mainstream media overlooks
  • An interest in local journalism as an industry
  • An interest in social enterprises

Are you office based?

Yes, we are office based. This is a requirement of the programme as we are reporting on the local community and need to pound the pavements daily. The programme will require to work in the office four days a week. Mondays are worked remotely.