Editorial Contributor

Editorial Contributor

Social Streets is a not-for-profit digital publishing company that specialises in local high streets and communities. As a social enterprise we exist to strengthen the local economy and to provide skills and opportunities to people in the local community.

As a not-for-profit social enterprise that relies on the support and donation of others, we rely on voluntary contributions to achieve our social aims. 

If you are passionate about digital, creative or media as well as your community, then we would love to hear from you.

In exchange for your contribution, we will promote your work across our platforms and invite you to Social Street's local creative networking groups where you will be able to meet with other digital and media friends. Like this, we hope we can seed a swathe of creative collaborations within the community.



Contribution ideas

Are you a budding food writer wanting to write about our local food scene? Or a history geek who can contribute to our heritage content? Or are you a visual artist who can help us visualise content? 

Do you have one burning creative idea in you that you would like to see happen? Or maybe you could provide us with a set number of features, or even a monthly column? 

Here are some topics that we cover:

  • Oral history and local archives
  • Local culture and heritage
  • Review of bars, cafes, shops, markets
  • Review of local events and activities
  • Photography of local area
  • Photo documentary
  • Video content (time lapse or documentaries)
  • Interviews of local heroes
  • Graphic design and illustrations
  • Idea for tours and photowalks