POW! Digital Camp

Pow! Digital Camp training for high streets

POW Digital Camp

POW Digital Camp is a touring digital training outfit designed to bring social media, digital marketing and business skills to the heart of the high street at a time and place to suit the retail industry. It uses community-led techniques to ensure maximum adoption and to leave a legacy of mentor relationships.

POW Digital Camp is designed for all types of small businesses and specialises in retail businesses on the high street. High street businesses face unique challenges and our methodology ensures maximum update and retention for the most time-pressed, digitally-phobic people. 

POW Digital Camp demonstrates by example. We are active on social media ourselves and provide on-going support via our newsletters and Facebook groups. The flurry of digital activity during digital camp creates a twitter storm that raises the profile of the high street for the duration, while the training helps businesses use free tools to increase their visibility and get more sales in the long term.



POW Digital Camp starts with an in-depth digital audit of local businesses.  Our team will visit every single business in person to assess there current digital presence and establish what they need to learn most. Having established the digital profile of the high street, the camp is then designed around the needs of the local businesses.

POW Digital Camp also conducts an audit of the wider digital landscape and identifies key local digital services to get involved in the camp. This will range from experts to provide workshops to local young people with social media savviness to help deliver social media tips.

At the end of the consultation period, which normally last three or four weeks, POW Digital Camp will have clearly established the current digital landscape, designed the programme to meet the needs and set KPIs.



There are three elements to the camp.


The Drop-in Clinic

This is an all day, drop-in clinic at a convenient high street location with no sign up needed. Just turn up to receive a free session with one of our mentors covering social media, e-commerce and websites. Additionally, roving trainers visit the shops and market traders delivering Social Media MOTs to businesses who aren't able to attend the drop-in clinic.


The Workshops

A series of workshops targeted for businesses looking for more in-depth trainings, the topics of which will have been chosen by the local businesses themselves. POW Digital Camp provides extensive Cheat Sheets to all local businesses as PDFs and as print-outs to those who attend the workshop.


The Meetup

Speed dating between local businesses and local digital experts. POW Digital Camp invites local web developers, graphic designers, photographers and representatives from regional branches of digital agencies (such as Digital Mums) to mingle with local businesses. The experts are on hand to talk to local businesses in a friendly and informal setting about possible services. All local digital experts attending this event have agreed to supply four hours of free mentoring to a local business.


Digital Mentorship Programme

As par of the MeetUp, POW Digital Camp encourages local digital experts to take part in the Pow Digital Mentorship Programme. A local digital expert will be matched with a local businesses looking for those skills and will provide an agreed number of weekly sessions on a pro bono basis. This gives local digital agencies the opportunity to contribute to the local community and is an effective way of broadening their client relationships.


Additional services

POW Digital Camp can provide additional services such as creating the branding and digital platforms for a high street, free websites and Google Business entries.



POW Digital Camp community-led approach provides benefits on multiple levels.

  • Local youth are given training and opportunity to teach social media
  • Local businesses receive free social media and digital marketing training
  • Local businesses are paired up with local digital experts in mentorship programmes for followup support
  • Local digital businesses are given the opportunity to become mentors, develop their pro bono portfolio, and to esablishrelationships with potential clients of the future
  • The client obtains an in-depth understanding of the digital landscape of the high street
  • Profile of the high street is raised