One Day Co-working Space

One Day co-working space

Social Streets is pioneering a new workplace model that benefits society. It's our One Day co-working space and it's based on the principal of gift time. 

We are looking for future social entrepreneurs & forward thinking creative individuals to join our One Day Co-Working Space.

About the One Day Co-working Space

Members of the One Day co-working space are offered a free, full-time serviced space, with dedicated desk, in exchange for working one day a week on Social Streets projects. 

Being a member of the One Day co-working space is a springboard for young professionals and recent graduates looking for experience in creative arts and media. It offers an opportunity for members to apply creative and media skills to live Social Streets projects at a professional level while also developing their own personal projects.

It is based on a simple win-win exchange of resources: a free desk in exchange for member expertise one day per week.

Membership to One Day is free and limited to a six month period. This ensures a steady stream of opportunities for local people.  

Members will benefit from:
  • - A fully connected workspace with all the facilities you would need to work
  • - An inspired environment, surrounded by likeminded creatives
  • - The experience and excitement of developing projects at one of East London's most innovative ventures.
  • - Networking with fellow creative media experts
  • - Collaboration opportunities
  • - Working on a live publishing project at a professional standard
  • - Getting your work published and distributed to a wide audience
In return we would expect the following from you:
  • - Contribute the equivalent of one day per week of your time, taking on the a specific role within the editorial or tech team
  • - Use your skills to positively impact and influence Social Streets projects
  • - Contribute to our digital mentoring scheme, mentoring young, old and local businesses
  • - Live locally, within a30 minute walk of the Social Streets Studio
  • - Demonstrate a genuine passion for changing society for the better
  • - Have strong digital or creative skills 
  • - Be motivated to collaborate!

What we want most is for you to share your time & skills in an active professional work space between your own projects and Social Streets projects.

Social Streets also offers successful members who impress an opportunity for a permanent position in one of the Social Streets editorial teams.  


Social impact of One Day co-working 

Social Streets's vision is of a thriving local economy that generates the opportunity for communities to flourish. Our mission is to increase participation in local community.

Our One Day membership is one of the ways we embed our values into the fabric of our company. It embeds community service into primary education and employment, and provides

  • - Free work space for local people
  • - Boost to the local day time economy
  • - Increase employability skills for local people
  • - Increased ability for the local economy to support its residents
  • - Reduces the need to use travel to work: healthier lifestyle, cleaner air, eco-friendly
  • - Seeds supportive links between community members via peer-to-peer networks
  • - Increases thick networks, creating links, alliances and collaborations between multiple community groups of different ages genders, interests & cultures.