Our methodology

Social Streets is a digital media company that works in the sector of place, specialising in local communities and local economies. Our methodology has been informed by our provenance. Founder Tabitha Stapely brought digital media skills honed by working for luxury brands in global media companies, and applied them to marginalised communities in Tower Hamlets, helping grow successful brands in some of the most deprived areas of the country. Social Streets



Excellence has and will always be one of our



We believe, with a passion, that the high street is the heart of the community. It's where people meet and exchange words, money and ideas. Over recent decades we have lost many of our community spaces. Countless village halls, youth centres, bingo hall, pubs and even allotments have been lost to the pressure for housing. This makes the high street, its markets and its town squares even more crucial as a place of human interaction.

Digital strategies that focus solely on the retail offer of a high street or town centre fail to understand the emotional drivers of visitors. With comparison and price-driven shopping dominating the Internet, brick and mortar high street businesses will always struggle to compete on price or retail offer compared to online players and even out-of-town shopping centres.

To radically increase participation in local community and local economies, the digital strategy must focus on experience, human-interest stories, imagination, aspiration and inspiration. It must know the narrative of the place, the story of the people, and the provenance of its businesses and products.

A high street is much more than the shops on the main road. A high street or town centre is a network of connections being activated at different times of the day or year by the large employers, the transport hubs, the educational institutions, the faith groups, the sporting fixtures, and the community groups. It is formed by the stories, histories, lives, movements and needs of its community.

Peer-to-peer training and mentoring

Thick networks

At Social Streets we put people at the heart of everything we do. This makes us different to every oThat's how we manage to make a positive impact on the places in which we are working. We help create projects and partnerships that bring the community together. will creating links, alliances and collaborations between multiple groups of different ages genders, interests & cultures.

We build peer-to-peer support structures with the digital mentoring programmes that we run from the Campus. We believe helping bring local digital mentors together with local businesses will help increase the digital footprint of the place, increasing the positive impact of our community and place brands.

Our social schemes Seeding supportive links between community members eg local mentors rather than outside trainers. Peer-to-peer networks.



Giving back

We help people give back. In fact believe that everyone enjoys given back if we are given the opportunity. Social Streets gives the opportunity for its investors, co-producers, local mentors, apprenticeships and students to give back to the community. We find this helps the build Our One Day Work Scheme, Internships, Research Programmes and Academic Placements generate peer-to-peer relationships within the workplace, where ideas are shared horizontally.