Internships & Placements

Internships & Academic Placements

Social Streets Campus is looking for recent graduates and young professionals to take part in their three month editorial Internship programme.


Editorial Internship

This Internship is designed for emerging creative and media professionals who would like the opportunity to gain real-life experience and to use their skills for social action. Interns will:

  • - Gain valuable experience of working on a real-life online magazine floor under experienced editors.
  • - Gain skills in all aspects of digital publishing including research, interviewing, writing, photography, video and social media.
  • - Have the opportunity of shadowing our Digital Mentors and mentoring school children


Academic Placements

Academic placements for 3 month periods for students completing their undergraduate or graduate degrees, whose courses require work placements in organisations. Costs for placements are expected to be covered by the university degree course arrangements.

Master’s students whose courses require that they undertake specific projects, with structured outputs for assessment during their time working in the organisation. These projects are co-designed with the students where the focus is on the students area of interest primarily, but also on the needs of the organisation at the time.