Digital skills

Digital skills

We offer digital marketing training for local businesses; digital mentoring opportunities for local digital professional; and digital inclusion programmes for those with low digital skills.  

The purpose of our digital skills initiatives is to raise the digital footprint of the entire community. This ensures that members of the community benefit from the digital investment in the local area, encouraging greater user engagement and amplification, thereby increasing the return on investment. 

We work with businesses to remove the obstacles preventing them from getting online and embracing digital marketing. Our trainers help businesses understand their unique selling points, their customers and where to find them online, how technology can help with customer service, copywriting, SEO, tone of voice and branding. 

Where we have a Campus, Social Streets can offer our digital mentoring programme. We source and provide training for local digital professionals to become digital mentors. We then pair local businesses to a local digital mentor for a series of one-to-one sessions. Mentors benefit by being given the opportunity to give back to their local community, as well as the possibility of being hired at a later date for paid work. The local businesses benefit from free digital training and advice, as well as knowing where to go should they need further digital services.

We also offer digital inclusion programmes for the young and the old. We work with housing associations and local youth clubs to help those with low digital skills.

If you are a place manager interested in the benefits of a high street digital programme, please see our Digital Camp. Our Digital Camp offers a high street audit and business consultation that then forms the basis of  a digital strategy for your place. It also offers some interim intervention, including social media optimisation and a series of masterclasses.

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