Digital marketing training for small businesses

Digital marketing training

We help high street businesses overcome the obstacles preventing them getting online and being active with digital marketing.

We know how hard it is for small high street shop owners to make room for digital marketing. We all know we need to do it, but finding the time and the head space to do it is another thing altogether. 

Like many small  businesses and sole traders, shop owners have to wear different hats and be good at a wide range of different skills: bookkeeping, customer service, styling, purchasing, sales, DIY... How can one person be expected to be an expert in all these things. And if you're wondering what digital marketing means exactly, don't be afraid to ask us (we're talking social media, website and website content such as blogs, search engine optimisation, e-commerce, mailing lists and free online business tools like Google for Business).

On top of that, shop keepers have an additional pressure. Not only do they have to be a master of all trades, but they have even less time than other small businesses because they are serving customers all day. That means they have often have to catch up with business essentials during evenings and weekends. Sometimes, that won't change for a while and the minimum digital marketing will have to do. We can tell small business owners what they can afford to cut out, and what would serve them best to do. And we know all about the best efficiency tools, hacks, cheats and work-arounds.

Like all small and micro businesses, budgets for digital marketing are small. Teeny tiny. Maybe even non-existent for a while. That's understandable. When budgets are small and business owners aren't sure what type and level of digital marketing best suits their business, the reluctance to part with hard-earned cash is understandable. That's why we concentrate on answering those questions that are preventing businesses from investing in digital marketing. We will give small business owners the tools - knowledge and contacts - to know enough so that they have the confidence to commission the appropriate digital marketing when the time comes, or to do it themselves.

We have extensive experience of working with businesses of differing digital expertise means we can meet the needs of a wide range of businesses, from market stall owners to larger businesses. 


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