Editorial Contributor

Editorial Contributor

Social Streets is a digital publishing company that specialises in local community titles. We are a non-profit social enterprise and we work to support the local economy and the community it serves.

We are looking for contributions in the following areas:

  • - Oral history and local archives
  • - Local culture and heritage
  • - Review of bars, cafes, shops, markets
  • - Review of local events and activities
  • - Photography of local area
  • - Photo documentary
  • - Video documentary
  • - Interviews of local heroes
  • - Graphic design and illustrations


Submit Editorial Content

All editorial content submitted to Social Streets will need to meet the following requirements:

Submission guidelines
  • - Submit only complete works, rather than outlines or pitches. Social Streets will not consider partially completed works.
  • - Do not submit content that is promotional in any way. Any content that contains promotional elements or advertising will be rejected.
  • - Social Streets generally re-writes all titles and subtitles to conform to our accepted style guide and optimisation practice
  • - All articles must be submitted in Word format. PDFs will not be considered.
  • - All articles must be a minium of 300 words and a maximum of 1500 words.
  • - All submissions are subject to be edited for accuracy, clarity, quality and length. While Social Streets will make every effort to work with an author on any editing, we cannot not guarantee that authors will have an opportunity to review their work prior to publication due to time constraints.
  • - Include any applicable charts, graphs and images with your submission, but know that Social Streets may not publish every image due to space constraints. Please provide applicable caption information with these submissions.
  • - It is the author’s responsibility to secure the publishing rights to any charts, graphs or images submitted. See image requirements below.
  • - It is the author's responsibility to inform subjects that editorial control is retained by Social Streets.
  • - References: If detailed attributions are necessary, please incorporate them into the text.


Submitting content
  • - You will receive an e-mail confirming your submission of online content.
  • - Timeline for content review is dependent on current volume of submissions.
  • - If your content is accepted for publication on a Social Streets website, you will be notified.
  • - If your content is rejected, Social Streets will make every effort to notify you. However, that may not always be possible.
  • - Social Streets gives preference to original content that has not yet been published or distributed widely through other outlets.
  • - Editorial decisions to publish or not to publish content are made at the discretion of Social Streets and are based on factors including but not limited to: relevance to the industry, interest to readers, timeliness and caliber of content. Social Streets reserves the right to exercise its editorial judgment and reject any content at any time for any reason.


Submitting contributor bios
  • Bios:  The author biography should not exceed 50 words and should include: name, position, affiliation and an e-mail address where the author can be reached for more information.
  • A headshot for the bio section should be included. Image requirements are listed below. Images that do not meet these specifications will be rejected.


Submitting photos and videos
  • - Images will need an editorial caption including who, what, where, when and why information as well as credit detail
  • - Videos submitted to Social Streets must follow the same editorial guidelines as articles.  Videos should not be promotional in anyway. Any content that contains promotional elements or advertising will be rejected. Unlike articles, videos do not need to be original work and can be published elsewhere; however, preference will be given to videos that have not been made widely available on other outlets.
  • - Videos must be available on YouTube and be open to embedding. Social Streets does not accept video files
  • - Include link to where video can be found on YouTube and a 150- to 300-word description of the video.


Image size requirements

Images must be submitted in the size, weight and file type indicated below.

Any image files that do not meet these requirements will be rejected.  Images should be optimised for use on the Web eg at 72dpi